The Automotive Safety Program offers a number of standardized trainings on child passenger safety. To learn more about the trainings, please read the descriptions below. To view a list of training dates, please click here.

National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program

In an effort to improve child restraint use and decrease misuse of child restraints, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) created a standardized child passenger safety training in 1998 that resulted in the certification of thousands of individuals as child passenger safety technicians (CPSTs). These CPSTs are armed with the knowledge and skills to assist families to learn how to properly restrain their children.

Safe Kids Worldwide is the certifying body for the training (http://cert.safekids.org) and the National Child Passenger Safety Board (http://cpsboard.org) oversees training related policies, procedures, and curriculum updates.

The training lasts approximately 32 hours and combines lecture with hands-on exercises. It concludes with a community car seat clinic staffed by instructors and students. The Automotive Safety Program supports the certification training program in Indiana. Click here for a list of training dates and locations. You can also search for Indiana classes at http://cert.safekids.org. Click on "Find A Course" when you get on the website. Potential students should register at the Safe Kids certification website; the registration fee is $75.

This course teaches the basics of child passenger safety, including:

  • Basic injury prevention

  • Crash dynamics

  • Federal role and safety standards

  • Proper use and installation of child safety seats

  • Misuse and incompatibility issues

  • Safety in vehicles other than passenger vehicles

  • Setting up and running a child safety seat clinic

After successful completion of the course, a CPST will be able to provide caregivers with education and resources, conduct child safety seat inspections and participate in a number of community projects through their own organizations and the Automotive Safety Program.

Child Passenger Safety Refresher Course

In an effort to keep Indiana Child Passenger Safety Technicians current on the most up-to-date information in the child passenger safety field, the Automotive Safety Program and Safe Kids Indiana developed Child Passenger Safety Refresher Courses. These refresher courses are offered free of charge and conducted annually in three different regions of the state. The course lasts approximately 8 hours and combines lecture with installation practice in vehicles. By attending a refresher course, a child passenger safety technican can earn CEU's and complete seat checks for recertification. Please click here for training dates.

Safe Travel for All Children: Transporting Children with Special Health Care Needs

"Safe Travel for All Children" is designed to serve as an enrichment course for child passenger safety technicians who are interested in learning more about special needs transportation. The training, which lasts approximately a day and a half, combines classroom lectures and discussions with hands-on exercises. During the training, participants will be introduced to medical conditions that can impact restraint selection and have the opportunity to investigate and install specialized restraint systems. The training concludes with a proficiency exam that evaluates the student's ability to assess appropriate restraints and to demonstrate proper use and installation.

Over 400 child passenger safety technicians from around the country have completed the course and 75 have met the requirements to instruct the training. If you are interested in receiving more information about training opportunities, please contact Automotive Safety Program at 1-800-KID-N-CAR and the National Center for the Safe Transportation of Children with Special Healthcare Needs at 1-800-755-0912.

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Other Standardized Trainings

Other standardized trainings are available for law enforcement, health care professionals, day care providers, and school bus drivers. For additional information on these trainings, call 1-800-KID-N-CAR. Click here for training dates.