La administración nacional de la seguridad del tráfico en las carreteras (autopistas)

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Department of Transportation, is the federal agency responsible for establishing and monitoring safety criteria for child safety seats and vehicles. In addition, NHTSA develops educational materials and trainings, provides money for research and safety and enforcement programs, conducts research, and conducts compliance testing on products. The NHTSA website,, provides a wealth of information on child passenger safety.

Visitors to the website can search for recalls, information on types of child safety seats, best practice recommendations, ease of use findings, and locations of child safety seat inspection stations, just to name a few.

NHTSA has also developed a website for parents that covers a wide range of subjects related to children in and around vehicles. Parents Central: From Car Seats to Car Keys: Keeping Kids Safe can be found by clicking