Eligiendo el mejor asiento de seguridad para su hijo

What is the best seat?

All child safety seats sold in the United States are required to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213 (FMVSS 213). The best seat for your child will be the one that:

1. Fits your child
Make sure that your child is within the recommended weight and height guidelines of the child safety seat. Click here to learn more about different types of child safety seats.

2. Fits your vehicle
Not every child safety seat will install properly in every vehicle. Some stores will allow you to install child safety seats in your vehicle before you purchase one. Make sure that you select one that installs properly in your vehicle. You can learn how to install your child safety seat by making an appointment with a child safety seat inspection station. You can also click here learn about proper installation rear-facing or forward-facing.

3. Fits your budget
A more expensive child safety seat will not necessarily provide more protection for your child than a less expensive one. Remember, every child safety seat is required to meet the same safety standards.

Purchasing a second-hand child safety seat should be avoided. Click here for more information on used or second-hand child safety seats.

4. Is easy to use
Find a child safety seat that is easy for you to use properly every time (even on short trips). The easier it is for you to use, the more likely it is you will use it correctly every time you travel.