Project L.O.V.E. Information for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Agencies:

Thank you for your interest in Project L.O.V.E. (Law Officer Vouchers & Enforcement)!
Project L.O.V.E. is designed to save children from serious injury and death in motor vehicle crashes by providing families education on proper use and installation of their child safety seats.  The law enforcement officer may use his/her discretion to issue the driver (Indiana residents only) a voucher during a traffic stop, scene of a crash, or at an Operation Pull Over event.  The driver can then call 1-800-KID-N-CAR for a child safety seat inspection station near to them.  A child safety seat may be issued at the discretion of the certified child passenger safety technician.  Child safety seats are provided at no charge only to children who meet low income eligibility. Our primary goal is education; please do not promote this program as a free car seat program.
These vouchers are given (during a traffic stop, scene of a crash or at an Operation Pull Over event) to parents or caregivers who are travelling with children who are not using a child safety seat or who are using one that is unsafe.  Unsafe seats include seats that are:

  • Older than 6 years (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer)

  • Recalled

  • Second hand (if the history of the seat is unknown)

  • The wrong size for the child

  • Been involved in a crash (minor or severe/with or without the child in it)

 For more information or to request vouchers please contact Judith Talty at